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Disruption Venture Partners is a technology-focused Venture Capital firm based in Denver, Colorado.

We work with startups at the intersection of digital media, web services, cloud platforms, mobile applications, radically engaged social communities, regulatory anomalies, and massively scaled data.

We believe in working with exceptional entrepreneurs and teams to disrupt large markets where emerging internet connectivity and data can have a transformative impact and capture unassailably defensible value. We believe that technology can change the world and that the placement of video games, large flat screen televisions, and music-related gadgets in our offices enhances our productivity and ability to generate returns for our investors. Our investment strategy is guided by our “Convergence Velocity Narrative” thesis and believe in discretion and business execution over hype.

For ongoing updates on our acitivites and investments, visit our Partner Don Wenzer’s blog at VC1212.com

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